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- I live in the real world, get 5.5 weeks of vacation of year, and they do accumulate. (Though any uns ...2010.12.17 18:55:00
- So no remap for me. How did I know I would have to wait? ...2010.12.15 20:28:00
- Hmm, another patch with no lag fixes. Why am I not surprized Any bets that this patch wasn't fully ...2010.10.30 12:36:00
- Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System Caldari Navy Ballist ...2010.10.14 17:26:00
- Still promising walking in stations Still promising to "fix" the lag. Still promoting new "enhance ...2010.09.07 16:36:00
- All participants will receive 2 million test server (Singularity-only) skillpoints as a reward.And t ...2010.09.07 16:28:00
- I'm looking for the best battleship to train for and use against Guristas anomalies and signatures i ...2010.08.10 16:30:00
- LinkageMaybe now that the media is starting to pay attention, they will actually do something about ...2010.07.30 17:59:00
- Giving us 100K SP for last weeks screw up is a nice gesture. Removing learning skills and giving us ...2010.06.30 11:20:00
- You should give me all your stuff because I lub you and will miss you and all your stuff will help e ...2010.06.17 15:12:00
- Are any of the lvl 4 components even selling anywhere? I have looked at eve-central and none are li ...2010.06.11 11:59:00
- Just over the border in Kenosha ...2010.06.07 11:28:00
- Zealot doesn't need a point and a repper in pvp cruiser is just silly. It is not a short range ship ...2010.05.28 17:16:00
- Are that many of you actually surprised that another CCP deadline has come and gone? CCP never comp ...2010.05.26 19:20:00
- Edited by: Omarvelous on 25/05/2010 16:16:00 I am less than enthusiastic about this patch, mainly d ...2010.05.26 11:11:00

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