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- Hydra ...2011.06.19 21:33:00
- It's nice that the new "give ISK" dialog window has portraits now, but the window has lost one impor ...2011.04.07 11:54:00
- Im flying a legion with a set of Low Grade Grail implants slots 1-6, 2x Conjunctive Radar ECCM's and ...2010.12.03 14:45:00
- So far this is impossible because a) it is impossible to resize the client window to fill the entire ...2010.11.30 21:57:00
- and the Market orders windows were screwed up when it came to looking at prices over a million isk. ...2010.10.02 16:03:00
- I warped to a wormhole, bookmarked it, moved towards a planet. When distance was over 150 km, select ...2010.09.30 21:18:00
- expected to be completed at 13:40 UTC.That's awfully precise, I predict whines will start at 13:41. ...2010.09.30 11:05:00
- I suggest that fleet booster options would be changed. Currently, a squad commander will not receive ...2010.06.16 06:23:00
- Edited by: Kaivaja on 09/12/2009 11:05:11 there is no installation involved - everything is run dir ...2009.12.09 11:04:00
- Hi, I am one of those people who had the game crash and now only gets the black screen when I start ...2009.12.05 11:07:00
- To my knowledge PNG doesn't provide any higher quality/size ratio than JPEG format. Currently genera ...2009.12.02 21:35:00
- The in game panel takes only your highest defense whether that's armor or shields and uses that EHP. ...2009.11.25 11:59:00
- Kudos, never though of that one cheers (shouldn't let you have an MWD active then really lol) Of co ...2009.11.20 07:54:00
- is 2.11.1 the latest version? Can you find the very first post of this thread? ...2009.10.25 11:02:00
- Then you do a new search after a Damage Control II for example. After you have done this, you will s ...2009.10.07 22:14:00

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