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- Nothing special, but couple ships I can't fly that I thought might have a better home than with me ...2011.06.10 01:11:00
- Setting the record straight:I received some questions about my motivation and why I hate socratic so ...2011.06.09 19:08:00
- damnit, I was out hunting WT's and missed this!!! Great job all, and Morin, nice plan :)Oh the thi ...2011.06.09 13:20:00
- Thank you all,I am humbled by your kind words. For those who can't find the words I subtly point out ...2011.06.09 13:17:00
- Let me make one thing perfectly clear: he took it like a man. In fact he was one of the first to eve ...2011.06.09 04:09:00
- First post, simple message: I did it all for Arnon. ...2011.06.09 02:04:00

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