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- CCP are responsible for the mechanics of the game. It is their baby so to speak.CCP understand the m ...2011.02.27 19:32:00
- Totally wrong.The calculation on two spread sheet entries performs the haversine formulae to evolve ...2011.02.27 19:06:00
- We're merrily plodding along, ...... This morning, as a watery sun rose above the grey leaden skies ...2011.02.23 09:10:00
- ... Two fanfests ago a lady developer with a cool name justified this selection by saying the follo ...2011.02.21 18:07:00
- I want Eve, not some cranked out copy of Second Life with space Dollies.Just fix the bits that need ...2011.02.21 16:20:00
- CCP have made a business descision and they will stick to it, the opportune cost is too high for the ...2011.02.20 09:33:00
- Watching the replies here, I see a good many players looking forward to playing space dollies in the ...2011.02.19 14:39:00
- To all those of you who beleive this latest idea is going to be great, and wonderful, and so much fu ...2011.02.19 08:16:00
- 1) I like the way we are taxed when we import and then export PI materials. Lets have another tax wh ...2011.02.17 13:41:00
- Edited by: Kizz Amarr on 16/02/2011 14:02:49 Edited by: Kizz Amarr on 16/02/2011 13:58:32 New soun ...2011.02.16 13:53:00
- A long time ago in Real Life, I had a Visor that was heavy tinted. It dropped down over my eyes when ...2011.02.16 10:21:00

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