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- still my hero XDMR <3 ...2011.09.05 23:19:00
- Good guy,Reliable service, and trustworthy. +1 ...2011.08.28 15:37:00
- I've lived in Japan for quite sometime.. been to Ginza in Tokyo.. never found that Japanese botique ...2011.06.25 00:42:00
- so you lose standing when you rat then? so you won't be rating in those places you pirate then righ ...2011.06.06 00:29:00
- Edited by: Ezeria Mistanta on 06/06/2011 00:40:39 I can't support this as it's massively exploitabl ...2011.06.05 15:27:00
- Generally, The LP is just a wish and desire so that I could have a means of income as a pirate haha. ...2011.06.05 09:34:00
- Just a simple idea really: I think if you are acting and doing acts of piracy, based on the region ...2011.06.05 08:52:00
- Even lowsec dogs don't do that to their own.Confirming lowsec dogs don't do that to their own. ...2011.05.31 02:20:00
- That's right..Jesus uses scouts..That is all. ...2011.05.21 00:25:00
- Why do we kill people who kill people to show them that killing people is wrong? Because some peopl ...2011.05.18 03:57:00
- Need some more go getters and self-starters in SOAPY!Op leaders would be grand! APPLY NOW and RECEIV ...2011.05.18 00:06:00
- If you want to consider piracy you can consider us. Naturally, low sec isn't a place where a superc ...2011.05.17 00:16:00
- Asia/AU time zones want to fill out a bit more. We have a core group of Aussies with a few Eastern ...2011.05.17 00:10:00
- New or old idea it seems like the proper medium between MUST HAVE LOCAL and no LOCAL! So Op (Corpie ...2011.05.16 23:57:00
- Veto... we miss you... just saying... Really we mostly just miss Charity, but yeah enjoy your time i ...2011.05.16 04:41:00

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