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- Edited by: Cara Azurite on 30/05/2011 08:10:07 Edited by: Cara Azurite on 30/05/2011 08:09:14 Seek ...2011.05.30 08:04:00
- In regard to building more new ships, I tend to agree, in rl a new car is released each year from ev ...2011.04.16 02:53:00
- I agree with Nares, the Mentor fits with the game "look" a completely "out there" design would look ...2011.04.16 02:46:00
- Oh...speaking of sounds...a sound on/off option instead of/including the blink when a person starts ...2011.02.14 09:42:00
- When in-game, to be able to "log-out" and go to the page where all 3 toons are displayed ready to lo ...2011.02.14 09:36:00

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