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- aye sorry I couldn't, this election stuff has me working overtime. Will def help with the Harrisburg ...2008.04.08 03:44:00
- great stuff. very well done on #1 ...2008.02.28 21:31:00
- I will be there and currently talking Loxyrider in flying over. ...2008.02.05 21:31:00
- details are up HERE!WHEN Saturday April 5, 2007 2pm - 9pm (under 21s) 2pm - late (21 and over)WHE ...2008.02.03 17:58:00
- ofc punch and pie, possibly a cheese steak too ...2008.01.17 02:23:00
- Eastern Pennsylvania meet in planning, will post info soon for PA/NJ/NY and surrounding area players ...2008.01.16 22:04:00
- bloop ...2008.01.16 21:52:00
- This weeks episode of EVETV is out now free to view. Thanks to Loxyrider and all the guys in the stu ...2007.09.22 10:15:00
- Edited by: EVETV Xyliana on 12/09/2007 00:34:04 Well its about time we throw them out here. After c ...2007.09.12 00:34:00
- Thanks Verone for taking part and glad to hear you had a nice time. I bet that pizza cost at least 3 ...2007.09.12 00:26:00
- Hey all, I'm passing this on for the Interstellar Correspondents. Please help them out by sharing yo ...2007.09.10 18:20:00
- aye great work! Everyone else has said it.. very well done to HUN ...2007.09.10 09:43:00
- aye tommorrow morning I will sneek in Oveurs house and film him sleeping ...2007.09.09 23:25:00
- thanks to the Gms, Magnus, Sharkbait and all the CCPers that made this happen. Heehee Nova the best ...2007.09.09 23:04:00
- Amazing job to all the alliances, the forum warriors, irc bunch, experts, commentators, GMS, spiral ...2007.09.09 21:36:00

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