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- All we do is WIN ...2011.01.11 12:30:00
- Just stop posting ffs.What 'tard are you, trying to get 400m + for a char that trains in less than 2 ...2010.08.13 13:20:00
- Handbags at 20 pacesNot quite sure how this rubbish is helping the OPOP was rubbish to beging with t ...2010.06.18 14:36:00
- What does this response mean? If you guys were in a bar together, you'd hit him in the head becau ...2010.06.18 07:51:00
- I would like instantaneous temporary wardecs.I think it would spice things up.Amen to that brothel.I ...2010.01.20 16:06:00
- a.k.a. vulture, even in rl they have a place to survive. cause they lack the god given ability to g ...2010.01.04 16:22:00
- If you want to make a troll thread, do it on a less obvious char name wat? ...2010.01.03 15:48:00
- This is outrage!!1 I was omw to Jita in itteron V and loaded of 300,000,000.00 ISK worth of technet ...2010.01.03 11:07:00
- You should perhaps take a look at Red vs Blue to train yourself up. Having a bag of ISK + no experi ...2009.12.24 15:46:00
- You should grow up, all these names are just childish!See what you did there. ...2009.12.20 13:47:00

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