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- new one look dull and same old boring greeney brown color of all teh boringly colored faction/navy s ...2010.11.04 14:17:00
- Seige Typhoon with neuts, large drone bay armour tanked and if torps arnt' your thing then projectil ...2010.07.12 14:00:00
- I've been having gret sucess recently with a Rupture but my pride and joy is my Sleipnir and probs o ...2010.07.12 13:58:00
- hmm eve on the nintendo 3ds ? ;pJust have to wait for the 3DS flashcards to come out and yeah would ...2010.07.04 11:32:00
- i found the pics i had of eve on the ds (excuse teh pink ds lite lol) ...2010.07.02 22:35:00
- using a flash cart with some homebrew av played eve on a NIntendo DS You can get DS2WIN and its simp ...2010.06.28 19:13:00
- Theres only ones solid fact i can think of at the moment and that is, if the sansha force decides to ...2010.06.26 21:20:00
- i thought we we're told teh lv5 missions were put in empire systems in order for people to work toge ...2010.06.17 23:24:00
- fit Hail L and cry as u cant hit a station from 5km i love the falloff and tracking of auto's tho, m ...2010.01.07 01:39:00
- Compensation!? Let's see...Did they compensate anyone when they changed Nos? Did they compensate a ...2009.10.11 22:52:00
- so these are the 'great rewards' we get for FW? please hold me back, i'm rushing to jump into FW ...2009.10.10 22:15:00
- I like the idea posted about a frig sized command ship, that would be rather interesting. maybe a fr ...2009.10.09 12:18:00
- Edited by: Laughlyn Vaughns on 09/10/2009 11:46:50 if u can only fit 4 guns on then i'd look at eng ...2009.10.09 11:44:00
- Just curious as to where did the Luther LSE's come from?tried typing them into contracts on both sis ...2009.10.02 12:43:00
- not read every page of the 38 page thread but from what i remember the ships are usually fine, its j ...2009.09.19 19:37:00

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