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- Great.. so now you don't even have to get out of bed to play.Play at a desk, use a desk chair that i ...2009.10.23 11:59:00
- Edited by: cpt Mark on 21/10/2009 12:38:53 To be quite honest.. these games are so pointless. Just ...2009.10.21 12:38:00
- How odd..I find getting into 0.0 very easy.. maybe one or two targets to shoot on your way in wooop! ...2009.10.11 21:38:00
- I don't know why this thread is still active.. ............This is an obvious scam - nothing more n ...2009.10.09 10:06:00
- I have one further question. What will happen to you, once this is all over?Where will you go? ...2009.10.07 10:26:00
- As a private limited company (due to its size and someone informing it isn't a PLC, i'm making this ...2009.10.06 11:47:00
- ALl Chribba can do is verify that Yih does indeed have a goon director.but I will already make that ...2009.10.05 20:26:00
- can you link the details of the patch please?so i can check the proposed date, thanks. ...2009.10.04 22:54:00
- you have the 100/100 scammer rating by Cpt Markthis means you are a 100% scammer!Anyone investing... ...2009.10.04 22:48:00
- I'll take one of those off that last guy, so he only takes 1.Also, I'd like to trade with your JIDSA ...2009.10.04 11:12:00
- 1) You are valuing everything in the hangar to be a total of 150 billion ISK2) You require no invest ...2009.10.03 23:24:00
- Where is customer support?I need a phone number to call please. ...2009.06.02 18:50:00
- Hello,my subscription authorisation code was 8500012There was no authorisation, I could not remove m ...2009.06.02 18:35:00
- Windows Vista terminated my EVE program.this was its explanation;Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is ...2009.04.01 20:34:00
- i offer 550M for freighter ...2009.03.29 09:24:00

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