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- I would like some of the Exploration like Archaeology to feel more like Archaeology and not just a v ...2011.08.16 21:51:00
- I can mostly think of whati dont want the homstead to be. I mainly do not want it to resemble the cu ...2011.08.16 20:23:00
- The reason it appeared to crash from my end is that people were /massively/ spaming Jita now they ma ...2011.08.10 01:00:00
- the answer to your question comes down to 'what do you want to do?' It also depends a bit on primary ...2011.07.14 18:48:00
- the Chinese eve server is a poor example. they have the population of single tranquility alliances o ...2011.06.30 17:08:00
- The Africa example is very good. Essentially null sec is responsible for it's own lack of influence. ...2011.06.30 16:17:00
- This was already covere din another thread, however i havent logged on to test it.Essentially if you ...2010.06.08 22:29:00
- I had a thought the other day that Mainly concerns Archaeology sites. Basically id like to see Tidbi ...2010.05.25 18:16:00
- You really dont need to re-make. I mad emy character with absolutely no game knowledge at all and di ...2007.01.17 01:45:00
- Generally speaking i wasnt aware that command agents gave out more Lps. Unless its due to skills mo ...2006.12.28 06:46:00
- generaly speaking i dont think cloaked ships should be probable. But if they made it so it took a bi ...2006.12.26 20:51:00
- Load the Missiles into your cruiser, look at ship info. Go to modules then go to the missiles themse ...2006.12.24 20:07:00
- It depends what you want to do. I found the Myrmidon a fun ship to fly. One of the mainr easons for ...2006.12.20 22:54:00
- I would assume that the two stack. But I dont know when it would apply (before or after the bomer bo ...2006.12.20 22:49:00
- Generaly speaking i really dont get the 0.0 vs empire arguments. Ultimately empire provides a solid ...2006.12.19 07:59:00

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