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- mmmmmm, future I need a bigger vocabulary I think ...2006.05.20 23:08:00
- If we don't reach 120 man member count by the end of the week. Wraith's going to sing on TS "O danny ...2006.04.27 00:09:00
- bump ...2006.04.24 00:09:00
- another bump ...2006.04.10 20:31:00
- I love this corp, I learned how to live in 0.0 here. The people here are awesome always willing to h ...2006.03.24 00:56:00
- AOL BROWSERRun Away!!! Run Awaaayyy!!! ...2005.11.05 03:37:00
- I really need to try this. I wish Cedega would be ported to FreeBSD too. It barely works on it.And S ...2005.09.25 03:35:00
- why bother????it isn't ported to linux...use software on the platform it was designed for.Cause the ...2005.09.13 18:38:00
- Sorry fellas, but we closed recruiting a couple weeks ago. I thought this thread was buried and nobo ...2005.08.25 00:58:00
- Everyone post here and keep it bumped. Make CCP notice. ...2005.08.21 19:24:00
- Boise, Idaho! (actually Nampa, which is 5 minutes from Boise, but no one knows Nampa, so I just say ...2005.08.04 23:51:00
- Come check us out, we're still open! ...2005.08.02 06:15:00
- Our alliance inbox is getting insane. People aren't suppose to send them, but with over 1000 people, ...2005.08.02 02:34:00
- Please, why can no one delete corp or alliance mails? I understand there was a need to change the wa ...2005.07.29 05:03:00
- I love this corp. The people are awesome and its a lot of fun.Contact me anytime if you are interest ...2005.07.26 03:42:00

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