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- ...are not read only? ...2011.09.08 08:13:00
- They do not affect resist rigs. ...2011.09.06 10:53:00
- I think a better version of the stimulus would be to rob those players of everything they have, then ...2011.09.06 08:30:00
- AFK cloakers have nothing to do with balls. They are not there. They are neutral.It is the carebears ...2011.09.06 08:13:00
- This seems rather interesting.As for the conquering of the system i think it would be best if it was ...2011.09.06 06:00:00
- I was not aware that you can take the fuel out while it is in reinforced mode.Perhaps this helps: ht ...2011.09.05 12:31:00
- however DCII's can not be nueted outActually, you can. DC requires one unit of cap every 30 seconds. ...2011.09.05 10:19:00
- I see no reason why not to have a version for shields.Something like "+x% shields, +x% to shield rec ...2011.09.05 06:42:00
- Thanks for proving my point.Thanks for proving mine. Bot. ...2011.09.05 06:39:00
- I trained them to 5 to do for C5/C6 wormhole sites in a passive resist Tengu (with a max skill and m ...2011.09.05 06:35:00
- I had them all to III for a long time now, and never really found myself thinking: "Boy if only I ha ...2011.09.05 05:49:00
- Lighter varieties of guns can hold more ammo.For example Ion compared to Neutron. ...2011.09.03 18:15:00
- It started badly, it tailed off a little in the middle and the less said about the end the better, b ...2011.09.03 08:02:00
- Grow a brain before you accuse people of being botters.You desire to play the game without having to ...2011.09.02 14:10:00
- Ok, then I am interested in the answer as well. Hopefully one comes soon. :) ...2011.09.02 14:07:00

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