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- 5 tickets won from last spot prize, plus 5 bought.Smurf Smurf Bang Bang - a crime/comedy sensation s ...2010.08.31 00:25:00
- I'm Savent's "PVE noob".Legal firm: Smurf, Smurf & Smurf. ...2010.08.25 21:54:00
- Having just come back from visitng the previous poster (A Mr Marquise) and other fellow ex-Aduroans, ...2010.04.18 00:58:00
- Itty IV kind of looks like a scapulaand yes....I've lost a lot of you....go to wikipedia....You dong ...2009.09.29 08:23:00
- If you can get past the absolutely awful mostly irrelevant commentary from people who can't commenta ...2009.09.04 15:02:00
- To clarify, I wasn't whining - this bloke had done it repeatedly, and was annoying. He got me once d ...2009.08.14 12:09:00
- Mate, if you wanna use my computer to do these things, just shout. I've got Sony Vegas on it, and we ...2009.04.22 13:21:00
- A-poc-riff-ah. Easy.And I don't know about the vid, sorry D: ...2009.02.12 20:58:00
- I'd heard about the "boosted shuttle", but thought that had been discounted as a hoax/mistake by Dev ...2009.02.06 17:02:00
- Sorry, but "perks"? As far as I knew it was just an M10 client and a shiny box smelling of new Manua ...2009.02.06 16:39:00
- You can add gametime from the box to any current accounts - you can effectively pay a 2 month subscr ...2009.02.06 16:24:00
- Well that is certainly a tasty idea - and if you gave it the facility to control 5 fighters regardle ...2009.01.16 08:02:00
- Edited by: CaptainSeafort on 15/11/2008 12:05:21 "yy dtarhdaj and in hurt myuself a ,trl bit"From h ...2008.11.15 12:05:00
- For some reason I have no join audio on any of my chat tabs, even fleet. EVE voice is enabled though ...2008.11.08 15:17:00
- I won't claim to have flown in every single battle or to definitively state "OMGLOL AMARR SUX!", but ...2008.07.25 01:00:00

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