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- A friend said this today: "There are some who look at the wall and ask 'why?'. And there are those w ...2009.11.17 21:54:00
- ('.`(O-(-.- Q) ...2009.11.17 21:53:00
- News: Gamespot is deleting bad reviews on MW2 PC. Yay.lemme guess, activision pressure to "remove re ...2009.11.17 20:47:00
- And the object pulling everything to one point is your mother.(But the universe last I read was alwa ...2009.11.17 20:42:00
- Edited by: Bestofworst on 17/11/2009 20:34:35 Do you really enjoy posting the same joke over and ov ...2009.11.17 20:34:00
- ...2009.11.16 23:19:00
- and that one example you showed is very along the lines of the 12yr old player wants. Sometimes a se ...2009.11.16 23:16:00
- Hah! Good stuff so far, but the day's only half done. That the best you've got, forums?http://imag ...2009.11.16 21:12:00
- You are now craving a smoke. (I'm sorry) ...2009.11.16 21:05:00
- Played the L4D2 Demo, it's meh, was fun, but meh. Will wait for it to hit the sale. ...2009.11.16 20:54:00
- Can't these companies give us some ****ing demos or trials or something? I'm not going to pay money ...2009.11.16 20:50:00
- this guy the money :) http://img163. ...2009.11.16 06:10:00
- Happy birthday, you are one year closer to death. How about you speed that process up and have some ...2009.11.16 06:01:00

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