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- Yes, even for the mighty forum moderators there comes a time when they have to say goodbye Today I a ...2006.03.14 16:39:00
- I understand what you're saying but I believe that would be using game mechanics wrongly and (im 99% ...2006.03.09 17:26:00
- Yes, it's possible to transfer characters from and to power-of-2 accounts, the usual transfer fees a ...2006.03.09 17:14:00
- Added bonuses come first, then multiplied bonuses.So, in your first example it's (500+100)*1.10=660I ...2006.03.08 10:13:00
- Look here.Well, it's not "all", but at least a start ...2006.03.05 07:55:00
- Liu, it's true that this after-patch troubles are hardest on new players, and I'm sorry for this.All ...2006.03.05 07:43:00
- Locked (rant). ...2006.03.05 07:41:00
- Most choices at the start do not matter at all in the long run.In EVE, every character can learn all ...2006.03.04 23:18:00
- Sounds like your downloaded file is corrupt or incomplete.If only some files have failed, you can tr ...2006.03.04 16:26:00
- Agent's corp standing towards you: 4.90 Agent's faction, corp or personal standing towards you: 6.9 ...2006.03.04 16:20:00
- She sends you to a random agent.After Bram Vynneve, the introductionary storyline is finished. Now y ...2006.03.04 16:15:00
- Edited by: Samirol on 04/03/2006 09:27:13 not gonna watch it, but it is from 2002 I don't want to ...2006.03.04 09:40:00
- That it's illegal in your region, does not mean it can't be bought in other regions You can use th ...2006.03.03 10:35:00
- Well, it's certainly griefing in the sense that poor Fooma feels griefed right now But yes, the othe ...2006.03.03 10:01:00
- The best way to get started in game is probably doing agent missions, which are either courier or np ...2006.03.01 07:44:00

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