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- Edited by: Rumferd on 08/07/2007 14:57:18 Excellent thats all I needed to hear thats the kind of fe ...2007.07.08 15:04:00
- What does 'cos' mean? cos is what I call lazy speak ..... it means " Because "To the OP if you have ...2007.06.16 17:57:00
- Edited by: Foose69 on 09/06/2007 17:52:33I think this may be what you are looking for .http://myeve. ...2007.06.09 17:52:00
- Lock client. One client for one computer, if a client is up and running, no other clinets can start ...2007.06.02 12:50:00
- Yup, it'll run fine.I think you can actually fit it on a 1GB pendrive if you compress the drive.I wo ...2007.05.25 12:47:00
- Edited by: Foose69 on 24/05/2007 13:39:45 Gesh all these nerf cloaking threads these days. First we ...2007.05.24 13:40:00
- Is it just me, or has EvE really lost it's fun-factor since Revelations?All I seem to see is Titan t ...2007.05.08 14:53:00
- Looks to me to be another nerf the cloak thread, CCP dont nerf the cloak its fine as it is, youve ne ...2007.05.05 10:46:00
- What it means is that it has detected that you already have eve running and as the Trial account is ...2007.04.27 15:04:00
- its starting up 602 seconds to go ...2007.03.24 12:18:00
- With the other clients you can use why put voice into eve as well its not like the cluster has enoug ...2007.03.07 10:34:00
- Hows this! Jump gate offline ...2007.03.05 22:13:00

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