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- I can see this happening when CCP and its dev's are not dealing with the "features"(bugs), 0.0 nerfs ...2011.09.04 17:57:00
- Whose betting that the New New forums are going to be fail as the last set of new forums! ...2011.09.04 17:53:00
- its nice to see old tricks still work! lol wtg Goons! ...2011.09.04 17:48:00
- why do people really want to walk in stations????or promenades for that matter? ...2011.08.30 02:10:00
- Then you should apply to a corp in that alliance that hold sov in that area so you can get the stand ...2011.08.30 02:08:00
- Don't blame companies legally offering their products.It's not them being the bad guys, it's the peo ...2011.08.30 02:06:00
- Infiltrate the corp/alliance.This. Join the Corp/alliance that owns the station.Or just sell it in ...2011.08.30 02:02:00
- heres what ya do! #1 you grow some balls #2 undock and you valiantly kill the pirates. #3 undock a ...2011.08.30 01:48:00
- I will tell ya this, only pvp in what you can afford to lose. if that maybe a frigate then so be it. ...2011.08.30 01:32:00
- I'm glad threads with no content are now blue and red post worthy, while more serious threads are av ...2011.08.04 01:22:00
- *bump* ...2011.07.30 21:09:00
- yeah this is bull**** CCP I dont care about your damm market of goony goo goo bling items!DONT SPAM ...2011.07.30 20:36:00
- I'm sorry, who are you guys again? thats what i was wondering.....even noobs know SMA.... ...2011.07.29 01:02:00
- by any chance is recruitment open? ...2011.07.29 00:27:00
- -Do you wake up in the morning and ook? check -Do you have delusions of grandeur? ohhh hell y ...2011.07.29 00:09:00

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