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- Since Incarna my overview does not display waypoints below the system information, the engine exhaus ...2011.06.25 19:54:00
- I played around Incarna on SiSi so I had a good idea of what was coming. But then I patched my clien ...2011.06.22 00:38:00
- I admit I was looking forward to Dust 514 since I first heard about it. But now... I can't justify b ...2011.06.07 03:31:00
- All you people complaining about there not being any new content this year... What about Incursion? ...2011.03.27 05:44:00
- This may have been posted already, but the smartphone EVE was shown on was a Motorola Droid X and th ...2011.03.27 04:59:00
- I would consider using 650mm AC instead of the 800mm. You lose a little DPS but will gain better tra ...2010.12.19 22:26:00
- I don't get why so many say hybrids have terrible tracking. They have the second best tracking of th ...2010.11.22 15:20:00
- After reading through most of the responses to this I decided to do a quick experiment to see how th ...2010.11.19 07:08:00
- I would go with the shield version. I wouldn't drop a LSE, I'd go with a single shield hardner. The ...2010.05.04 13:58:00

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