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- Lets see. Nine of you come out to shoot a Proteus in Isikesu. You bump him INTO the station. Into th ...2010.10.18 04:02:00
- Ps: I use eve-survival but the elite scrammers just wouldnt go down, with drones or without If yo ...2010.03.06 01:41:00
- I'm not supporting this because I like deccing and killing new players. The ones worth deccing are ...2010.03.03 03:30:00
- Edited by: Traidor Disloyal on 28/02/2010 03:41:50 The original purpose of this thread was to propo ...2010.02.28 03:30:00
- The original purpose of this thread was to propose some way for new high sec, non-combat focus corps ...2010.02.25 03:48:00
- Edited by: Krathos Morpheus on 22/02/2010 20:41:39 Better War Declarations:The cost of war:The pric ...2010.02.23 02:16:00
- - no one from Japan (wtf!) My corp has someone from Japan in it. One guy from Denmark. The rest f ...2010.01.13 01:58:00
- To anybody with a shred of decency or a brain PN has come across as nothing but a bunch of little gi ...2010.01.13 01:51:00
- nice try looking for sympathy. too bad no one actualy worked tbh, i hate when people make f ...2010.01.12 02:26:00
- I was asked to join them and not given any kind of direction or guidance We now know you are not a ...2010.01.11 01:41:00
- Leave it the way it is. They do less damage that way. What is the CSM purpose anyway? Clown show? Do ...2009.12.30 05:42:00
- You need a help channel for these? How to do the Eve PvE missions ...2009.12.30 05:29:00
- I thought all the cry babies in this game were in High Sec with me. I guess I was wrong. ...2009.12.24 03:02:00
- Wrecks --->(via the salvager's salvage tackle)---> salvage. if it wasn't your salvage tackle, you ...2009.12.16 21:01:00
- you guys r obviously game griefers and like to blow your trumpets to say how good you are but infact ...2009.12.16 20:43:00

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