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- Red Frog continues to impress with their great service. My hauler alt sits alone and neglected. He m ...2011.09.05 20:27:00
- Excellent service as always - great turn around time. ...2011.09.04 21:23:00
- You guys are awesome! I was a idiot training freighter alt. RF is cheap, fast and safe.Thank you! ...2011.08.28 14:16:00
- Bump for great service! ...2011.08.28 14:10:00
- BLUF - If it is a fight you have a chance of winning, then the SAR makes a difference. I don't claim ...2011.08.28 14:03:00
- I just got this account to 9.91 with Minmatar. I previously got it to 9.9 with Gallente. I got most ...2011.08.25 15:55:00
- Red Frog continues to impress with their exemplary service. ...2011.08.24 05:18:00
- I carry the following crystals in my mission ships: Imperial Navy multifrequency and ultraviolet ...2011.08.23 17:48:00
- Being Caldari I never really considered missioning in a Minnie ship, but a Cruise Phoon ought to do ...2011.08.22 20:18:00
- With perfect skills and the right fit, you receive more cap from your buddy than you send to him. Yo ...2011.08.22 18:08:00
- Your best bet dual-boxing is that some missions are substantially better with two ships and others a ...2011.08.21 23:10:00
- Medium drones are pretty terrible against elite frigates - you would be better off with a full set i ...2011.08.21 22:43:00
- The Broadsword is the best of them, thanks largely to it's wonderful shield resists. I always fit tw ...2011.08.21 22:37:00
- Train both, but train T2 sentry drones first. They do more damage - because you fit at least one SDA ...2011.08.21 21:11:00
- A couple of years ago I ran level 5 missions in high sec. Of course, that is no longer possible. I h ...2011.08.21 14:58:00

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