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- Short of buying a squad of suicide Kessies, I suggest getting a Typhoon or if you have the means a M ...2006.09.08 22:14:00
- Edited by: BlueSmok on 25/08/2006 17:00:34 Do and important faction mission, that should jump start ...2006.08.25 17:00:00
- "Male Member Measuring Stick"- How about "Male Member Measuring Tape" for when a stick is too intim ...2006.08.25 16:57:00
- If CCP does ever remove instas, please EVE-mail me.... I will set up the discount plane fares so we ...2006.08.09 22:50:00
- Did anyone else read this and think "So this noob finally got carriers?" Yes... quite strange.. ...2006.07.18 05:39:00
- Metro Aptetter:Monday ...2006.07.18 04:18:00
- Thought the word was that you can anchor new stuff, but if you're POS goes offline for any reason it ...2006.07.14 04:01:00
- Put signs out in front of low sec area, that on the front say "Welcome to lowsec! Would you like Cak ...2006.07.12 08:28:00
- Well besides the ship bonuses, the hulk can fit two mining upgrades(suggested for only in 0.5+) ...2006.07.09 10:37:00
- Now the propper way to share a POS is first you get a litre of Whiskey and a quart jar of strawberry ...2006.07.08 09:12:00
- -25% to missile launcher rate of fire per +50% Missile velocity per level +7.5% to all missile type ...2006.07.08 08:54:00
- Just me and my old lady starting our own corp, think we were listening to Bob Dylan at the time :) ...2006.07.06 20:22:00
- Edited by: BlueSmok on 02/07/2006 05:14:22Then the plot... Superman has been away exploring the rui ...2006.07.02 05:13:00
- I was wrong, I attempted what I posted afterwards and It seems the grid loads dependant on objects i ...2006.06.30 00:46:00
- drop a can fly away from it, Once it disappears from overview, go back and drop another can, fly awa ...2006.06.29 22:57:00

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