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- turn off your computer for a few hours and walk around will see the same relative perspe ...2010.02.08 13:19:00
- contact me in game, i have an alt that i will be putting to market in a few weeks that has 40mill sp ...2010.01.23 13:00:00
- I'm looking for a change of pace. I have years of pvp experience and fly the majority of sub-capital ...2009.12.06 22:10:00
- i may be interested, send me a message in game and we'll have a chat. ...2009.12.05 03:31:00
- There will never be anything as great as The Rackateers, the greatest empire pirate corp to ever hav ...2009.10.17 00:39:00
- First off, I know I have been critical in the past but CCP has improved things quite well with MAC. ...2009.09.21 03:48:00
- I am shocked and sad to hear of Ed's passing. He undoubtedly made EVE a much more enjoyable and ente ...2009.07.25 22:17:00
- Overall I have to say that I'm impressed. Yes I was a big critic over the delay in premium graphics, ...2009.03.11 05:43:00
- For a little over a month now I have been having issues w/ my cursor disapearing at random. The only ...2009.03.01 23:16:00
- I am still looking for a buyer. This is a great opportunity. ...2008.12.31 04:09:00
- someone is dumb enough to pay for this crap? way to support the self loathing idiots of eve...I'm f ...2008.12.23 17:19:00
- Since the majority are newer players, the older playerss that have remained loyal to CCP over the ye ...2008.12.23 17:11:00
- well here is a clue...your magnometric base strength sucks and a ECCM doesn't really help. So guess ...2008.12.23 06:35:00
- As everyone has undoubtedly seen since late last spring there has been a huge increase in complaints ...2008.12.23 06:29:00
- Edited by: Roccia19 on 31/12/2008 04:07:52 I would like to sell my moon mining operation corp. It h ...2008.12.18 05:47:00

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