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- I have an iMac (iMac9,1); 27"; 3.06GHz. Gave up on the patches, rather downloaded the entire client ...2011.06.25 04:33:00
- Having problem with inverted "Caps Lock Key", but not random.After inadvertently touching Caps Lock ...2009.12.07 02:06:00
- What does > 15fps get for you?Mine runs at about that level and seems to be performing just fine.Do ...2009.03.18 18:08:00
- Ami Nia, please explain how to "... start the game from the command line..." ...2009.03.12 11:51:00
- Does this Premium Graphics client allow you to add solar systems to the "Avoidance List" in the Map/ ...2009.02.09 23:54:00
- This is disappointing, albeit not completely unexpected, since I am leaving high sec for 0.0 fairly ...2009.01.18 13:55:00
- Serapo, this occurs on Windows too.Pray tell, what is your system? My iMac; 24"; ATI HD 2600 XT; ...2009.01.09 15:13:00
- EVE Skill Monitor -- works fine for me. ...2009.01.09 14:55:00
- Andoreal, I have studied the CCP Dev Blog at Players News Center, and I see a lot of agreement betwe ...2009.01.08 23:31:00
- Quote: "...god-awful client that barely runs..."This is a way I could describe the current state of ...2009.01.01 23:30:00
- My iMac does work. Haven't tried a mission with the new patch, but ran around the universe 50 jumps ...2008.11.27 17:58:00
- Shin, I see what your trouble is, I do believe. The ATI HD2600 Radeon in the iMac is supposedly wor ...2008.11.25 18:37:00
- Why boot into Windows at all?The iMac 24"; 2.8GHz; 4GB RAM; Leopard 10.5.5 runs seamlessly now. Av ...2008.11.25 18:28:00

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