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- More bumps for the bump throne. ...2011.08.28 22:58:00
- A modest nudge. Still recruiting. ...2011.08.28 00:24:00
- Edited by: Petyr Baelich on 28/08/2011 00:23:00 Valar Morghulis. <LAWN> is a primarily US-TZ PVP co ...2011.05.29 18:10:00
- Directly affects Jump bridges. - Requires 50% control of a constellation in order to maintain jump ...2011.03.21 20:54:00
- Edited by: Cyaxares II on 14/03/2011 07:40:29 Does anyone else find it terribly interesting that "J ...2011.03.14 08:15:00
- As a devotee of Roman history in general and Julius Caesar in particular I must say I approve wholeh ...2011.03.12 14:27:00
- Well im not sure what u guys think is an acceptable profits from PI. Im running a few planets myself ...2011.03.05 08:55:00
- Nice post. Bonus points for the humor. ...2011.03.01 07:54:00
- And in the context of a gang that tiny bit of extra dps is meaningless. Hell even in the context of ...2011.02.23 18:32:00
- Fake mail is fake. ...2011.02.22 18:30:00
- bubbles - see enronlots of that tech gets used each month to build stuff... see the current price ...2011.02.22 17:04:00
- Or with the Technetium Components not catching up people will just switch their reaction chain. What ...2011.02.22 16:21:00
- If your worried about .5 and higher just put hardeners and tons of ECM on it.FYP. In highsec EWAR w ...2011.02.22 06:11:00
- On another note, I had been carrying round the figure of 2bil per tech moon per month in my head for ...2011.02.22 06:09:00
- Much easier to farm Republic LP, (empire faction) than Domination LP, (0.0 faction). ...2011.02.22 01:47:00

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