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- a c6 to c5 is worthless, cycle the c5's and wait for a c5 to c6, thats worth more in times of confli ...2011.07.15 14:46:00
- Only thing CCP really needs to do is create a ship capable of cycling holes and not being trapped on ...2011.07.15 14:42:00
- personally, i dont see anything to do other than pvp.everything else in game (ratting, mining, sov h ...2011.07.08 13:10:00
- for the challenge?pve is easy, monotonus, the same thing day after day. im sure mining is the same ( ...2011.07.07 11:15:00
- Edited by: JimmyThePimp on 05/07/2011 11:56:48 if you really wanted to show the stupidity of our ta ...2011.07.05 06:23:00
- ive had 2 accounts for about 6 years. people maintain one ship cant be fitted to do everything and i ...2011.06.29 10:41:00
- can i point out, once more, its made by reakktor i may be a bitter old eve vet from 04, bu ...2011.06.26 14:44:00
- The only MT items i would accept are funny hats.i would pay any amount to be able to pirate while we ...2011.06.26 09:16:00
- im expecting 100 rounds of ammo for $1, on a related note: the minmatar republic is going bankrupt f ...2011.06.26 08:53:00
- made by reakktor media, avoid like the plague! ...2011.06.25 13:34:00
- christ allimighty, will you people calm the **** down.for anyone that knows sig sizes, scale it down ...2011.06.24 08:54:00
- I have only seen him in the hat and boots, does he have the whole outfit?that is the whole outfit! i ...2011.03.12 00:23:00
- Edited by: Daneel Trevize on 01/03/2011 10:14:18 We think the 2 dreads and a carrier with hull dama ...2011.03.01 10:33:00
- i still warn those out there in the wh community of this tools security flaws. the people who would ...2011.02.27 21:13:00
- dont y'all wonder why a wh-corp like any other one out there would give everyone else a tool that th ...2011.02.27 08:51:00

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