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- I'm back. ...2009.02.28 00:51:00
- Will organise an EVE get-together in October if there's anybody playing on this side of the planet! ...2008.09.16 01:25:00
- 1. Yes.2. Very rarely.3. Until I get some error message, or some graphic doesn't show properly, or I ...2008.06.16 15:30:00
- Brilliant sketch ...2007.12.16 02:32:00
- Oh the drama. ...2007.12.15 14:42:00
- orly? ...2007.12.09 18:14:00
- ...first viewing from ship's cabin with joysticks, something like most known offline space games? ...2007.12.07 17:21:00
- INSRG are not pirates. ...2007.12.07 13:55:00
- Eve is designed to be a cold, harsh, Machiavellian world. This is not a bug, this is a feature.Made ...2007.12.06 20:01:00
- They went live with a patch that deleted the boot.ini file and prevented tons of people from turning ...2007.12.06 19:57:00
- ...This has caused havoc to a lot of people...Because they didn't stop to think for five seconds and ...2007.12.06 19:53:00
- Spinals, I think you're a ****ing idiot. Turn the other cheek doesn't work here. This has caused hav ...2007.12.06 19:46:00
- ****ing disaster if you ask me. Petition for lost EVE time at the very least. ...2007.12.06 19:43:00
- sorry to say but this is a failure by the qa department that will have to make heads roll and proced ...2007.12.06 19:40:00
- Shuttle I think is a safe bet. Honestly, everything will be 'nerfed' sooner or later and people just ...2007.11.15 00:30:00

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