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- 2 pages of feedback. Lol. I bet its all the content you released that generates all this feedback. ...2011.09.06 07:43:00
- The winter expansion will probably make Mittani happy enough to start cuddling with CCP again.The pr ...2011.09.06 06:10:00
- The reason this bug may have gotten through while being a known issue is that in a lot of software d ...2011.09.02 13:38:00
- You useless piece of CSM monkeys went to Iceland without discussing the underlying core to the frust ...2011.07.03 14:08:00
- If u cant get into jita, fly around, make people aware of the protest, lets fill up the neighbouring ...2011.06.24 19:37:00
- They dont lock the gates to stop the protest. This is automatic and happens when it gets too crowded ...2011.06.24 19:13:00
- Edited by: Georgiy Giggle on 29/05/2011 12:50:44 I dont know why, but this makes me sad. Is this th ...2011.05.29 13:11:00
- Is this the expansion we get this summer? is it? ...2011.05.29 12:49:00
- I dont know why, but this makes me sad. Is this the expansion we get this summer? ...2011.05.29 10:52:00
- 5billCash ready on saturday/sunday ...2011.05.20 12:02:00
- Edited by: Keomy on 15/03/2011 18:59:50 Transfer fee: 20$ ~ 400 mil ISK Skills training time (assu ...2011.03.15 20:57:00
- Edited by: Hivsen Ng on 22/12/2010 12:14:30 Wow people these days, naive to think they can fish 3b ...2010.12.29 16:19:00
- Fu 2 Has 41,7 mill Sp on eveboard. The 6 mill missing is magic sp i guess. Wish a 40mill sp char was ...2010.12.26 12:46:00
- Im going to give you an honest answer.Normally a character with 7 million skillpoints would go for a ...2010.12.01 13:23:00
- Decent reward would come a long way. I just saw one that wanted some poor soul to fly 17 jumps for 1 ...2010.11.17 07:42:00

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