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- CCP wants all price action to occur manually, just like everything else in this game. Eve is a cart ...2011.02.16 00:26:00
- Don't fix what isn't broken. The current system rewards the hungriest trader. Anything else reward ...2011.02.15 06:57:00
- What is your collateral and who will secure it? ...2011.01.26 06:06:00
- remote buy order modification is broken in space, yep, confirmed and reported. ...2011.01.19 01:29:00
- not if you only were editing by 0.01ISK hit delete once, hit one number key, hit enterNot to mentio ...2011.01.18 22:14:00
- Its illegal if you don't have to spam export. Source? ...2011.01.13 16:10:00
- Some really sour grapes in this thread from the never-could-haves ...2011.01.12 06:20:00
- With Eve-Metrics gone for good and Eve-Central on it's last legs, my Assets Report fails to complete ...2011.01.11 20:25:00
- I would like to offer you an incentive (bribe) of 200 million isk to perform whatever updating you f ...2011.01.11 02:53:00
- Been meaning to ask how gracefully is EMMA going to handle it if I move some/all of my guys to a new ...2011.01.09 04:27:00
- Please move to sell orders or lotteries or somewhere ...2011.01.07 21:28:00
- I heard someone was trading arbalests at a loss up in this thread. The nerve of some people!I mean, ...2011.01.04 01:38:00
- paging Thoraemond for a revised chart ...2010.12.30 22:28:00
- Do you have 500 units to fill the 5.5m order with? ...2010.12.22 06:52:00
- Any difficulty anticipated with this newly released "SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2"?Thank you, ...2010.12.21 21:12:00

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