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- I ain't a very vocal poster.But this time, I gotta say: This sucks.You can't do a tourney without pr ...2011.05.29 00:20:00
- No one forced you to bring an 800 man fleet to fight 450 ish and crash the node. Don't you dare to ...2010.11.05 23:57:00
- So far I haven't managed to fire a shot yet tonight.Apparently I am entering the game... ...2010.11.05 22:51:00
- Okay, I'll add one more post.A problem that I see why no one ever really fights for its space (even ...2010.10.12 23:16:00
- Not so much sov mechanics that force big blob alliance but game itself. There is no penalty for havi ...2010.10.12 21:59:00
- I am getting close to 5000 rounds of EMP XL shot in the past one or two weeks.:sad panda:The video m ...2010.10.12 15:08:00
- But we won't be allowing things other than customizing your look once Incursion hits.The character c ...2010.09.24 11:31:00
- This thread. It is pure and awesome gold.It actually made me login. That's how bad it is.Damn you. D ...2010.09.12 21:22:00
- What amazes me completely, is that Butter seems to have finally lost it.He doesn't realise, that HYD ...2010.07.25 00:18:00
- As WIDOT's "Best Poster of 2010" award winner, I can say categorically that I do not know what you a ...2010.07.07 22:19:00
- sooooooo two whole supercaps down. none respawned though omee<3Then, you're doing it wrong! It's a ...2010.07.07 21:53:00
- While the OP is a bit of rant, I can still get behind the baseline of the post.It has become ridicul ...2010.07.01 21:28:00
- This is a long story. It is mainly for those who (a) have trouble believing anything gh-sc says abou ...2010.06.28 22:00:00
- Truly awesome vid, but that's what I was expecting tbh.I really do think that RnK-tactics in deployi ...2010.06.25 21:23:00
- Let me try to summarize:NC attacked a POS in Venal. Sneaky russians (and serbs to give props to Co2 ...2010.06.18 22:53:00

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