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- Charecter received. as per spec, good seller. ...2009.01.01 03:07:00
- 1.5bil isk sent to seller ...2009.01.01 02:56:00
- I am interested for the 1.5 bil b/o, we should talk in game. ...2009.01.01 02:32:00
- Test server is up again. ...2007.10.08 18:33:00
- An Update for Mac Users:I found this out the hard way. Trashing my prefs was the only way I could f ...2007.10.06 15:39:00
- Also, i cant get out of polaris. nore can i get any skills with the get skills button for items and ...2007.10.06 15:35:00
- OK, i got my password i have been able to login, create some characters, but when i select a chara ...2007.10.05 08:25:00
- The slickest install I've seen is a shell script that extracts files from itself to a temporary ar ...2007.10.05 00:55:00
- anyone able to login at all ? ...2007.10.03 18:59:00
- Linux Testers soon I promise. can't wait :)do you happen to know if desktop switching will be dis ...2007.10.01 13:57:00

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