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- Yeah guys "real" pvp only happens in nullsec slideshows! You NOOBS!Give me a break, I'm still traini ...2010.01.04 18:30:00
- In response to the thread title.......PICK A COLOR! ...2009.12.28 17:44:00
- I use the macro (Selected Item window) buttons too. But, I never rely upon them....EVER! I've learne ...2009.12.28 16:46:00
- If you wanna do smallship PvP free of drama and purely for the fun of fighting, look into Red vs. Bl ...2009.12.28 16:18:00
- Preeze maek EVE ezer! It iz two hard! I luv Tenderhart teh best!I love this. Let's just make every ...2009.12.28 16:11:00
- Cool story bro. ...2009.12.27 15:17:00
- You should perhaps take a look at Red vs Blue to train yourself up. Having a bag of ISK + no experi ...2009.12.24 16:11:00
- EVE soundz = mega-lagExcept for comms, I haven't "heard" this game in almost two years.Good thing al ...2009.12.24 15:30:00
- *Poasting in dead-horse thread.Previous Assembly Hall thread which hasn't helped: http://www.eveonl ...2009.12.22 15:18:00
- Neutral remote reps... meh!They should at least have an agro timer preventing docking or jumping for ...2009.10.23 20:28:00
- I hope these wallets come with their own, "personal," corp bins feature (just like corps have)! ...2009.10.23 03:11:00
- tl;dr, sry.Like the idea. Perhaps link it to the fleet broadcasts window, eve-mail,the cyno mechanic ...2009.10.23 03:04:00
- FYI We are ALL spiesFixed that for ya.This most likely the truest and most honest thing said in the ...2009.10.23 02:48:00
- ...Please, please CCP implement a duelling system whereby players that talk the talk have no excuse ...2009.10.23 02:38:00
- just a warning to others.....dont bring a bc and defo not a bs, or people will just whine and ***** ...2009.10.22 19:33:00

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