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- You do have equal rights. You are free to use the same mechanic they are using. ...2011.08.22 23:30:00
- Entering your API is mandatory for registration? Good luck with that. ...2011.08.18 21:50:00
- 20 million for an arazu pilot About8 hours of work over 4 days. 2 hours each night. Pilot does not n ...2011.08.11 20:45:00
- Why would anyone doubt that this happened when half of C&P have done it before with more impressive ...2011.08.11 03:37:00
- this is just wrong how do you know where your ship is now? ...2011.08.10 01:14:00
- FYI if any of you were in space before the shutdown and logged into a station without your ship, it ...2011.08.10 01:11:00
- Your ship and pod are dead and CCP ran off with all the stuff from your hangars. ...2011.08.10 00:57:00
- Plox bring the servers back online so I can go stare at my door some more. ...2011.08.10 00:50:00
- I was there. ...2011.08.10 00:46:00
- Edited by: Brusanan on 08/08/2011 01:15:06 The thing that bugs me the most is that I can't see what ...2011.08.08 01:15:00
- Or the two years they have spent on it indicates it will be very, very good, and not a cookie cutter ...2011.08.07 22:40:00
- DBANK ran for 18 months before it failed and Manalapan decided to run off with the isk.DBANK started ...2011.08.07 15:09:00
- I am all for griefing incursion runners, but I am not quite sure that this way will be too successfu ...2011.08.06 16:54:00
- It's been pretty obvious that Phaser would turn out to be a scam from the start. Eve banks are ALWAY ...2011.08.04 21:39:00
- People use comms to coordinate fleets? In General Tso's we only use them to talk about male genitali ...2011.08.01 23:44:00

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