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- Happy birthday, Nulli!This thread needs moar EXTERMINATUS.Request granted. ...2011.08.06 07:00:00
- posting to bump and add that I did not get a free remap. I got .5 a free remap. Had I gotten an ac ...2010.12.20 07:07:00
- same thing happens when your propulsion mod turns on or off.if you neut an orbiting speed ship, and ...2010.09.27 21:04:00
- The Server problems go deeper then I think CCP even knows at this point...maybe they are figuring it ...2010.08.18 00:55:00
- Best. Idea. Evar. ...2010.08.09 20:41:00
- 10 tickets bought \o/ ...2010.06.04 09:48:00
- "unable to elevate" usually means that you are not running as admin on the box, and you have also di ...2010.01.29 01:34:00
- I've been encountering this problem since I first started playing in 2005, on other words, this bug ...2009.12.15 11:18:00
- protip: Your HD is always spinning, that sound you hear is the read/write head moving back and forth ...2009.12.15 00:41:00
- the old scanning system was better for tracking down ships, the new system is MUCH MUCH better for e ...2009.12.15 00:36:00
- ah, you are talking about the user mode address space for 32-bit processes. We were discussing diff ...2009.11.26 02:17:00
- plus, due to the genius that is the AMD x64 instruction set, there is no overhead for running a 32-b ...2009.11.26 00:55:00
- Off topic? Plz, we ended up trolling along wheter i should run a 64 bit OS or a 32... Think.... do ...2009.11.26 00:50:00
- Edited by: Emperor D''Hoffryn on 26/11/2009 00:44:43 Edited by: Nocts on 26/11/2009 00:36:03 but I ...2009.11.26 00:44:00
- Get different video drivers. Current generic is 190.62. Try those first.P.S. Most of the 32bit/64 ...2009.11.26 00:36:00

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