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- Ever since I installed Incarna I can't play the game.I enter the new character creation interface an ...2011.07.08 22:41:00
- I cannot get into the game because Incarna will not let me playing without going through character c ...2011.07.05 19:12:00
- Is this one of those role play things? ...2011.03.07 04:19:00
- I am concerned about a gigantic broker fee.For example, lets say the intended sell price is $15,000 ...2011.03.06 19:06:00
- Instantaneous updates usually mean the competitor simply has the item window up in front of them, a ...2011.03.02 19:45:00
- That being said if you find a bot, petition it.Well, there are two problems. One is that in the case ...2011.03.02 19:42:00
- I was putting up some orders yesterday in Jita and the competing traders modified their orders above ...2011.03.02 19:10:00
- Edited by: Misanthra on 02/03/2011 04:19:20 looking to do research in public labs you need to think ...2011.03.02 19:04:00
- Then the devs would have to walk all their 0.0 loot out instead of just teleporting it to Jita. Can' ...2011.03.01 01:13:00
- Oh, right, I totally forgot about all the free research slots in Curse and Tenal and Jovian space an ...2011.03.01 00:32:00
- You are a genius.I am located in Gekutami if you want to come fvck me up by filling my buy orders. ...2011.02.28 21:32:00
- Typing F1 causes a weapon to fire. If you see somebody with numbers in their name, run. Aspirin can ...2011.02.28 21:24:00
- I have read this fascinating post three times and still haven't figured out what the question is. ...2011.02.28 21:21:00
- Dee ores, dey are inz dee azteroid beltz. ...2011.02.28 21:12:00
- Yes! And it was a STEALTH nerf! ...2011.02.28 16:55:00

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