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- Now I haven't taken the time to read all the posts and I'm sure it may have been said already.But mo ...2007.01.24 00:24:00
- yes it is comming out in 3 parts.Now as for problems. Generally the week or 2 of problems after a ma ...2006.12.11 00:00:00
- Edited by: Discodude on 10/12/2006 23:54:32 Interesting read. I look forward to it as always.**Man ...2006.12.10 23:49:00
- I can guarantee ASCN have the resources already stored to build another and I'd bet the 2nd is alrea ...2006.11.19 09:25:00
- Also look at CA vs SA, that was huge and lasted a very long time, but still no cool name (the differ ...2006.11.15 04:47:00
- "Space nuts" of course.What else is there to watch? ...2006.11.01 03:25:00
- Pvp. Lots of it! ...2006.10.31 01:36:00
- Omber Zombie, because of his kick ass sigs. *Love the "homer in the president chair" 1 ...2006.10.28 18:36:00
- Edited by: Torquemanda Corteaz on 08/10/2006 13:57:23 what i dont get is how ASCN got people to do ...2006.10.09 06:38:00
- Edited by: Discodude on 04/10/2006 04:38:58 Biggest gate camp? the ec- camp. Which I was apart of.B ...2006.10.04 04:38:00
- There's no reason for an EVE 2. All other MMORPGs that made a "2" failed because most people don't w ...2006.09.17 01:10:00
- I get free HAC's?Oh man I better get in touch with that person because I'm missing out somehow. ...2006.08.14 00:33:00

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