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- -A- will be relevant soon for the first time since MC vs IAC in f4r.Wait for it, it's coming real so ...2009.03.16 15:47:00
- You know who used to live in omist? Miners with attitude ...2009.03.07 14:53:00
- We attacked you way before you even touched delve. And you folded like straw to the wind... There w ...2009.03.06 01:35:00
- Edited by: Fry Fortune on 06/03/2009 01:02:09 @ MorrisFunny how things in this game always go both ...2009.03.06 01:01:00
- Against all authorities are the best allies one could ever ask for and never talk to enemies behind ...2009.02.24 00:15:00
- So wait, "maximum damage" is about pos bashing? Way to have fun in your summer bob <3 ...2008.08.05 20:16:00
- The bottom line is that if it wasn't for SMASH we'd not have engaged RK. At all. We had no reason to ...2008.06.17 17:57:00
- I think at this point most ppl are playing with their alts in guys should probably wait a m ...2008.06.16 18:29:00
- how are things on the test server jerrard. Your alliance mates don't seem quite as upbeat as you.Pr ...2008.06.16 18:07:00
- So meny goons in caod,now bulid morale after x year fight vs BoB (fail)Goons pewned som small system ...2008.06.15 22:16:00
- PL = TRImkII ...2008.06.14 11:07:00
- I dont belive we paid any money to KIA darius said we didn't i belive.You guys should also get bette ...2008.06.13 09:48:00
- In other news, smash self destruct a carrier in their sov 4 capital system ...2008.06.12 20:02:00
- LOL @ Cupdeez, dude even the goons admit that it was just one guy, one dev, and not a concerted effo ...2008.06.11 16:04:00
- ohh and btw, 2008 will be remember as the alliance killer year.Many great alliances have disbanded t ...2008.06.09 21:12:00

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