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- step 1) Buy monocle and redo your portrait with said awesome eye piece step 2) Jump clone and sell ...2011.07.08 16:42:00
- In order to prevent players from taking actions that might get them into trouble I'd like to address ...2011.07.08 16:37:00
- Hello Vaerah VahrokhaThank you for your enthusiasm and support. We have been very busy in the past t ...2011.03.30 10:44:00
- The ISK has now been returned and diablo7 given a permanent vacation. Anyone thinking of scamming an ...2010.10.06 13:59:00
- Edited by: GM Nova on 07/02/2010 14:35:43 ISk sellers had hacked into the account. The ISK stolen h ...2010.02.07 14:35:00
- Thank you for sharing your bad experience with us. This is an interesting story because it is true. ...2010.01.27 10:36:00
- The account was hacked into and has therefore been closed. This auction is off.. ...2010.01.03 16:02:00
- Hi pirolatran and other pod pilots,We apologize for being late answering petitions. While we try our ...2009.12.12 13:38:00
- HelloIt is clearly stipulated in our Character Bazar rules that any forms of scamming is prohibited. ...2009.06.04 08:56:00
- Hello all.This turned out to be a fake character sale. The scammer has been tracked down, his main c ...2009.05.29 14:34:00

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