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- 1 for linty please ...2008.02.05 18:04:00
- GL Paradox Collective, not that you'll need it. ...2006.07.13 23:25:00
- is this out yet i cant find it and how much is it? i assume it works for normal drones not just fig ...2006.04.25 11:06:00
- Yea it affects all weapon turrets and launchers.Oh and level 5 4tw. ...2006.03.14 20:55:00
- I have seen one on escrow, it was a long time ago. I do believe someone has it in their T2 collecti ...2006.03.14 11:20:00
- They will not nerf them until they have in place a good alternative.But that alternative seems to be ...2006.03.14 11:12:00
- GL Duke in your new role.Hope you rest well Cujo old friend. Be safe. ...2006.03.14 11:01:00
- Congratsoh yea....DIE ...2006.01.29 19:47:00
- Edited by: Turin on 27/01/2006 23:16:22 Tadis, you are ennoying. Note that each forum post you mak ...2006.01.27 23:38:00
- Edited by: krendos on 27/01/2006 19:30:15 yea great fight last night for sure. props to all. ...2006.01.27 19:25:00
- Afaik it was there servers that were hacked. So don't worry, just have a good AV, anti spyware and ...2006.01.16 10:40:00
- Basically the South has been going flat out since Eve started. In the passing years, its not just E ...2006.01.11 12:05:00
- Surely you should see the plus side to this encounter.The knowledge you have gained from it, I would ...2006.01.02 12:49:00
- and all (In-active) active ones. ...2005.12.24 03:10:00

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