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- Thanks to everyone, will look through the offers tomoz. ...2010.11.21 16:12:00
- Thanks for all the replies,Am still looking, will look through all those ppl that posted and see wha ...2010.11.20 09:58:00
- Hi all, Been taking a bit of a break from EvE, logging on for skills etc. Now i'm back and looki ...2010.11.19 14:10:00
- Small bump for a Good Toon ...2009.11.18 07:51:00
- Sweet vid, glad to see my name in there tooUploading to evefiles for ya Buhhd. will post linky when ...2008.11.05 23:09:00
- good chars, in-game mails sent.Anymore around? ...2008.10.26 14:59:00
- The title say's it all.prefer Caldari or Amarr. ...2008.10.25 23:13:00
- Got fed up with POS wars and blobs, so looking for a good pirate corp.I can fly Minnie T2 ships upto ...2008.10.14 15:54:00
- Bob is a quality player, and a dirty piwate bump for a good friend Oh, btw please keep hitting Co ...2008.10.13 09:40:00
- 5 billion accepted, awaiting iskies, then i'll transfer char. Congratz. ...2008.10.08 07:24:00
- Confiming i will receive iskies ^^ ...2008.10.03 13:06:00
- Me and my corp m8 have run several lvl5's both with carriers and when there have been gates, with BS ...2008.06.22 04:55:00
- thanks for all the replys, Just for the record 0.0 access is a mustKeep em coming, almost made my m ...2008.02.13 21:21:00
- I want MOAR!! ...2008.02.12 17:19:00
- Some really good corps/alliances + ingame mails Deffantly got me thinking keep em comingBoz. ...2008.02.11 18:20:00

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