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- It was a good run while it lasted. Good luck, EVE players of the past and present. o7 ...2011.06.24 21:24:00
- Good games Casiella. I enjoyed them :)Likewise! Although now Kharo is having his way with me.Actuall ...2011.03.21 19:22:00
- Subscribed! You might also want to post your link in the My EVE section of the forum. ...2011.03.10 19:40:00
- I see the Lorebook as a great way to make sure we don't get snowed by retcons. Somebody has to keep ...2011.03.10 19:36:00
- I live blogged the whole thing. ...2011.03.10 19:30:00
- Very cool! Although you might want to consider spell-checking the text in your Operation Ragnarok po ...2011.03.10 02:48:00
- Edited by: Casiella Truza on 09/03/2011 02:25:23 I'll just leave this here. (See the image at the t ...2011.03.09 02:25:00
- Without turning this into a full-scale debate, how do you contrast your approach with the valid poin ...2011.03.05 17:54:00
- I've not played in years, and I wasn't particularly good then. But I'd love to join. Username there ...2011.03.05 05:15:00
- Very glad to see this, though I admit that I have my doubts about how well the "like" button and suc ...2011.01.12 15:09:00
- My initial ire was calmed down when a friend pointed out to me that this is, in fact, the first of t ...2011.01.10 18:40:00
- Hmph. This isn't a step forward into the future, but at least it's the more recent past. I'm not a f ...2010.12.16 19:05:00
- You have the relationship backwards: Roman Catholicism is a sort of offshoot of the more general cat ...2010.12.14 20:43:00
- Hey, so what about the victims of all the other wars? I mean, do victims (including families) hurt l ...2010.12.14 20:32:00

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