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- OP is clearly a high-sec pirate who wants more high-sec targets and an easier time ratting up his se ...2011.01.02 12:00:00
- I have plenty of snow if you want something to throw. Please. Take all you need. I beg you.Please sh ...2010.12.28 16:12:00
- Tritanium is an income vehicle for newboots and bitter vets.There are ungodly quantities available o ...2010.12.28 16:06:00
- I have just one response to this:MOAR \o/ ...2010.12.28 11:41:00
- A similar system is in effect on New York stock exchange where there is a minimum allowed price ad ...2010.12.23 13:45:00
- There's a whole debate going on right now but this morning it dawned on me that this isn't such a ba ...2010.12.23 13:35:00
- *sputter* 20 billion? I'm trading off 100m.... ...2010.12.22 11:29:00
- As someone who does a little contract hauling myself, here's my perspective:I do my trading on a tra ...2010.12.22 11:26:00
- 1) Join a corp 2) Train Social to V 3) Train Connections to V 4) Mission in a 0.5 security status ...2010.12.20 14:38:00
- Edited by: Cipher Jones on 19/12/2010 18:21:39 mucho blah blah..Having -5 security status does not ...2010.12.19 18:34:00
- Don't forget, also would be good to introduce boosters for carebearing activities, i.e. boosters tha ...2010.12.19 18:13:00
- I'm -5 secI'm in nullsec.I buy the plex on personal contract for going market rate. I can then accep ...2010.12.19 18:10:00
- Edited by: SargeantNekkid DDS on 19/12/2010 13:04:29My concern isn't that it can be redeemed anywher ...2010.12.19 13:04:00
- Let me put it this way : I know people who half-regularly manage to buy dirt-cheap PLEX for personal ...2010.12.19 10:06:00
- Ah, but there's the rub - it's difficult to move stuff around when you're in a capsule because of ...2010.12.19 08:44:00

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