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- And the last hardcore idea ( i dont aprove it much but this is only small idea) change plex system. ...2011.08.30 05:42:00
- What inflation are you talking about? ...2011.08.29 20:11:00
- The problem is not getting the money together to do something like this.The problems are in my opini ...2011.08.18 16:52:00
- Might have been smarter to start insulting him after he payed you the 2.2B he promised.15% seems ste ...2011.05.23 16:12:00
- But Ghoest, If they want to go for untraceble and maximized returns they could simply run their own ...2011.05.09 12:11:00
- I admit I have not been following the plex market in detail. But asuming ccp finds the current pric ...2011.05.09 08:03:00
- Confirming I got repaid ...2011.04.20 20:06:00
- Question answered. Have not checked if I was invited to participate, but I would like to join in fo ...2011.04.12 18:21:00
- As you have posted elsewhere that that you are not very active in eve right now (only there to earn ...2011.04.11 15:33:00
- one person may find it unfair someone else cant produce cheaper at a huge investment for product the ...2011.03.10 21:31:00
- As BMBE currently is flush with ISK, the effort to off-load some of our (too large imo) share portfo ...2011.03.07 23:16:00
- have taken the full 10b bond ...2011.02.24 21:11:00
- I am somewhat intrested in filling this bond, but am at work, will check some things when I get home ...2011.02.24 15:27:00
- The only thing i see as wrong with the margin skill is that it allows the trader to trade as if he h ...2010.11.08 16:41:00
- 1 for fictions ...2010.11.06 09:28:00

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