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- screw t3, when are we gettin t4 ...2011.09.06 02:15:00
- 8,000,000,000.01 ...2011.08.31 20:14:00
- no matter how big the collerateraaral or cargo, or how far it goes, i never reward more then 1m and ...2011.08.26 18:09:00
- the two types of cyno are 'regular' and 'covert' and your carrier can not jump to a covert one ...2011.08.15 21:30:00
- I can jump to your cyno. ...2011.08.15 21:26:00
- I KNEW i should have bought those credit default swaps at 376bpsi should lern to trust my gut someti ...2011.08.12 17:59:00
- I did not think 70$ for a monocle was bad....its only like 1.3b, that only a few hours of game play ...2011.08.05 18:15:00
- this was not in the patch notes, is it a bug or just a 'stealth' feature of incarna? ...2011.06.21 23:10:00
- I think the title was meant to be:Incursions where?Open the journal, go to the incursions tab. Find ...2011.03.01 23:57:00
- this incursions thing has been out since they released it now, and still i have never seen it, where ...2011.03.01 22:33:00
- ooo ...2011.02.20 23:26:00
- tama3j hisec to jitaeasy to get in and out, FW noobs by the billions to kill ...2011.02.18 20:40:00
- Snakes are crap since the nerf, and why do you wanna go fast in a drake?Halos are crap for BC they r ...2011.02.10 22:47:00
- That is just one major area of the game, we still have lowsec which is a wasteland, wardecs & bounty ...2011.02.06 04:34:00
- Is it just me or is the overview all screwed up now?Thanks! ...2011.01.21 16:40:00

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