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- No mention of Mothership declassification to Super Carriers in patch logs ...2009.11.29 16:42:00
- are those super carriers ...2009.11.25 16:57:00
- Edited by: Adam C on 20/11/2009 05:23:51 I admire CCP's determination to change the game up every y ...2009.11.20 05:22:00
- Yea my question is Q: Why dont u guys let the art dept express itself more? Im starved for wallpa ...2009.11.18 15:57:00
- i'd like to know more about its comparison with oblivion, i went off oblivion for the pc.. but my br ...2009.11.16 15:35:00
- im rather disappointed with their art dept they never get to-do anything cool these days. for exampl ...2009.11.16 15:24:00
- Saying Mass Effect, one sticking point for me was the character interaction... To the best of my kn ...2009.11.10 21:55:00
- Discussed this yesterday, Dragon Age had my attention because it seems next generation in terms of ...2009.11.09 09:34:00
- going back to the monkeys if chimps are 2.5 million years behind us, why is that and in 2.5 million ...2009.11.06 17:33:00
- why do all fps mmo's have static text over their heads.. why cant it be click over ...2009.11.05 07:30:00
- jump bridges dont get an activation animation like stargates. I think they should ...2009.10.19 20:42:00
- Edited by: Adam C on 19/10/2009 19:00:06 Can we get the Blinky Green module activiation to STAY GRE ...2009.10.19 18:59:00
- i really get annoyed with the zoom in rebound and the follow ship automatic camera placement that ...2009.10.10 12:14:00
- cuz i want one thank you ...2009.10.06 17:51:00
- Edited by: Adam C on 01/10/2009 20:13:40due to get win7 (no rush to instantly upgrade though) im ...2009.10.01 20:07:00

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