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- Buy a PC.Until then, 'Our logs show nothing' ...2011.09.06 05:35:00
- OK, up front, I am a carebear.Done my time in 0.0 as part of NC. Two tours of duty in wormholes.Bu ...2011.09.06 05:30:00
- To me, buying isk is fail..Some people don't have the time to grind isk, or the knowledge to make it ...2011.09.04 17:11:00
- Why is it Blizzard can respond to this within 24-48hrs and ccp takes SO FAR 7days...with no replies ...2011.09.04 17:06:00
- wow Fansi Bits sure is angryhe must work at IRSno, i'm just tired of jackasses.Hemad. ...2011.09.01 23:24:00
- I love how people rage about something that is entirely optional.Don't like NEX? Then don't buy anyt ...2011.09.01 02:20:00
- Very occasionally someone comes up with a great idea. This isn't one of them. ...2011.09.01 02:11:00
- Removing local is the most ******ED idea CCP has ever come up with.I stopped reading here. Learn to ...2011.08.20 07:04:00
- Contact me in game & we can work something out. ...2011.08.13 07:51:00
- Contact me ingame & we can work something out. ...2011.08.12 01:03:00
- That whole rant made you sound so dumb that I honestly believe that you are fully capable of accid ...2011.08.12 00:56:00
- I personally find the door more intimately involving than CQ or ship spinning.Best idea ever. ...2011.08.12 00:35:00
- What are you going to *DO* about it? Buy a Monocle.The stupid option is to A ...2011.08.12 00:33:00
- Drone regions & former NC territory (Geminate, Vale, Tenal, Branch, Tribute & so on..) ...2011.08.11 23:06:00
- What are you going to *DO* about it? Buy a Monocle.The stupid option is to unsubscribe.Fixed. ...2011.08.11 22:40:00

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