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- Congrats to (mainly) Huzzah for the kill. Not sure which of you got the first bump on me, but whoev ...2007.11.07 01:46:00
- I ask you to see the big picture here, you were in MHC at that time to kill a POS and in the morning ...2007.08.08 20:02:00
- Heh, it's hard to take seriously an alt who claims he heard we had 5/6 capitals. Then changes it to ...2007.08.08 15:35:00
- okHow many people were involved and how did the lag manifest?Desyncs? Module activation delays - how ...2007.08.08 12:41:00
- After all, employment history and affiliations get cleared with a character transfer.Unless I'm misu ...2007.03.21 18:24:00
- So I don't really get what the point of being able walk around in a station and why CCP is so thrill ...2007.03.10 00:14:00

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