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- Nice work.Not sure of the calculations, but maybe a modification to include the ability to set the P ...2007.03.19 03:08:00
- Well plagioclase I'm sure is the most worthless ore in the game, for straight sales and refining.Pyr ...2007.03.05 23:27:00
- Long post ... GM Blog.Short answer, please purchase GTC's (so CCP gets their money) and sell them le ...2007.03.01 03:35:00
- I'll have to find the part in my EULA which allows me to use my DEVELOPER account and create some BP ...2007.02.27 00:35:00
- Interesting step forward, and only came to ahead but the actions of a banned player who brought to l ...2007.02.26 03:57:00
- What's the over used term these days in EVE Online ... Soon™ ...2007.02.21 02:55:00
- We have "Warp to 0" why not this, for those making the "making it too easy" argument.I whole heartil ...2007.02.21 02:50:00
- You just have to look at the outdated information on the main site, like the Item Database, Player G ...2007.02.19 04:45:00
- Well start of Caldari and go for both.I've found Caldari and Gallente so compliment themselves! Mis ...2007.02.19 01:12:00
- Well the ultimate miners mate would be a hauler/command skilled player.With max T2 hauler skills, an ...2007.02.16 04:15:00
- The Book of Revelations according to EVE6:1 I saw that the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and ...2007.02.16 03:49:00
- I've found that I can't even reply to other peoples message as there are no room left. I've also fo ...2007.02.15 02:58:00
- Train the 2-3 hours more, spend the 10-15m more and get a Drake! ...2007.02.01 00:16:00
- A gang member who owns the wreck has to be in the same system and not docked for you to be able to u ...2007.01.24 23:27:00
- I've been looking for more info on the best rigs to fit to my Hulk. I find it strange that the Cove ...2007.01.24 04:24:00

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