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- Supported ...2011.06.14 02:23:00
- I suggest that shuttles should be able to autopilot warp to 0 on stargates. This would allow them t ...2011.06.05 17:21:00
- I'm all about the need to hold your own territory, but the use of RMT to do it overwhelms any normal ...2011.06.01 22:29:00
- You are correct in that the moment a neutral RRr starts repping your opposing force, he becomes re ...2011.06.01 22:11:00
- Thumbs down. Why should Noctis get the only "auto" feature. I'm not a fan of putting games on easy ...2011.06.01 04:05:00
- Sorry if I'm out of the loop but let me get this straight.If I am fighting a guy and a neutral chara ...2011.06.01 03:52:00
- The bend in the gun may just be the outer casing for cooling and whatnot while the actual barrel its ...2011.06.01 03:22:00
- Blobs might be annoying, but really, it is a multiplayer game. If someone in a multiplayer game dec ...2011.06.01 03:11:00
- It is all about fleet(party) composition. Just like every other MMO you need a balance of tank, DPS ...2011.05.18 23:50:00
- One thing to try if you haven't already, is go visit new eden and see the eve gate. It was well wor ...2011.05.18 01:47:00
- As far as what to mine, you should check the prices of ore in your mining area. All about supply an ...2011.05.18 01:42:00
- Organized Enthusiastic and Expanding. ...2011.04.03 05:11:00

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