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- Someone have put up Soverenity Blockade Units in KU5R-W without asking us first. My Corp have held ...2011.03.31 19:30:00
- I did a system re-install today, and when I went to downlad the EVE client I first tried the online ...2009.05.06 04:49:00
- 1 for Polgara Stoneheart please ...2009.04.26 01:44:00
- I have a problem with the sound in the Intro movie, and also in the Race videos when creating a new ...2009.03.27 07:01:00
- Thanks alot for your answers, especially Prant.The reason I needed to know about the standings is th ...2006.10.06 05:20:00
- Edited by: Edgar Rocketblood on 05/10/2006 08:32:32 I have 2 short and 1 long questions I hope some ...2006.10.05 08:13:00

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